- BEX. 100% all natural handcrafted balms safe for       animals. 

- BEX.'Natural Neutral' Pet Balm is unscented so your   pet isn't temped to lick it off.

- Contains NO: chemicals, gluten, petroleum, parabens,   GMO's, preservatives, synthetics, no worries.

- FREE of all that's not good for your BFF

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- Apply everyday to maintain the healthy         condition of pets nose, paw pads, elbows,     skin (dry, chapped, sunburn, crusty)  

- Protect and soothe your pets paws and nose     from elements like hot sand, pavement, ice,   salt, rock salt and harsh ground chemicals.

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- BEX. push-up packaging is a great eco-friendly   alternative made from %100 paperboard and is     renewable, biodegradable, compostable and       recyclable!

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paw tracks.png
paw tracks.png